Artists Websites
Art by May Long  - New Site!

Wearable art! This website will feature all the different arts and craft works by May. The website is at the beginning phase at this time.

Nature's Paint by Lee Hough - New Site!

Unique, creative, handmade art work by pressed flower artist, Lee A. Hough.


Flower Art by Darlene Millard 

Award winning pressed flower artist, Darlene Millard, specializes in pressed and dried floral designs.


Pressed Flora Art

Pressed flower artist, Liming Twanmoh's pressed flower art.

Award winning artist, Liming Twanmoh incorporates modern technology in pressing various flowers and leaves to best preserve the natural colors of the plant materials used in her beautiful pressed flower art work.


Nadia's Original Art

Collectible Original Fairy art creations by Fantasy and Realism Artist, Nadia Tate. See her beautiful artwork in the Gallery!

Nadia also offers prints of her fairy art, and art cards.

My Garden Treasures

Designed with a Cottage  garden theme... Gallery and online store featuring original pressed flower keepsakes by pressed flower artist, Terry Lefebvre. All graphics are specially inspired and created from client's personal items.


Latest Version

Original Design
Pressed Flower Designs by May Long

This is my own pressed flower art website, with an online gallery featuring award winning and other original artwork over the years. Please visit and check out my latest works.


Joyful Blossoms

Rustic design, and personalized with pictures of client's log cabin home, featuring Carol Halfhill's pressed flower creations. The logo was created to evoke a feeling of strength and rustic charm. The logo then sets the tone for the site design and color scheme.

Note: The client has discontinued this website.

More Websites
Essentially Serene

An informative website about natural products beauty care through the use of natural and organic products.

This fresh and beautiful design was developed in collaboration with the client's ideas and color choices.

TriStar Realty

Realty and investments company.

Designed client's logo as well as website design.


World Wide Pressed Flower Guild

This internet-based Guild,  devoted to exploring personal growth by enjoying pressed flower art as a beautiful form of self expression and as a means to celebrate nature.


Past Projects

Some of the following sites have already been redesigned (See Recent/New Projects)

Listen to your Body

A weight loss program that changes the way you eat.




Note: The client has discontinued this website.

Union Service

Japanese website for Active Carbon Company.



Note: This site is no longer maintained by Mdezign

Pressed Flower Group Gallery

Gallery and showcase of artists and work from a pressed flower group.



Note: This website has been discontinued.

Chinese Congregational Church (redesigned)

After moving the website to a new server(6/01), the site has been completely re-designed. While maintaining a similar color scheme, the site now has a crisp and more professional appearance.

Platinumstar Presentations

Mr. Magee wanted a site to reflect his dynamic personality and professionalism. Cool pleasant colors were selected for the color scheme, and great navigation  throughout the site. (5-01)


Note: This site is no longer maintained by Mdezign. It has since been redesigned.

GoldKeye Computer Training

Re-designing an existing site. This new site has a Flash intro. GoldKeye wanted a light color scheme with gold trims and accents. Re-created an animated logo with gold accents based on original design.


Note: This site is no longer maintained by Mdezign


With the arrival of the year 2000, I decided to revamp my web designing business site, and  changing the domain name to better reflect myself and my work. Please check back for updates!



Flash animation splash page. The additional graphics and reorganization provides better navigation and a fresh exciting appearance.


Note: This site is no longer maintained by Mdezign

The GreenHouse Company

The theme of this design reflects a green and healthy environment that characterizes the product of this Activated Carbon company. This is another English/Japanese site.


Note: This site is no longer maintained by Mdezign

Chinese Congregational Church

I selected a blue color scheme for this site to create a calm and peaceful feeling. This site is set up for additional authors to make regular updates to the texts. It is currently being moved to a different host server.



This is an International Trading Company. It is particularly interesting to me to design my first English/Japanese site and coordinating this effort with 2 people in Japan who are responsible for the Japanese translations. I also redesigned the company logo based on their original design.


Note: This site is no longer maintained by Mdezign

International Webmasters Association - Singapore Chapter

I designed and developed this site in 1997. It has a "Singapore flavor" to the overall design and won the "Best of Asia Pacific" award in 1998.


Note: This site is no longer maintained by Mdezign

International Webmasters Association - Los Angeles Chapter

This was the official Chapter of the International Webmasters Association in Los Angeles.


Note: This site is no longer maintained by Mdezign

Webz Studio

This award winning website was my first Web Designing Business site back in May of 1997. Although the design was fairly simple, it contained all the elements of a well designed site, with clear and easy navigation.  

Note: This site is no longer maintained by Mdezign